Shadowlane 2019 Part One

Posted at 19:41 on 4 Sep 2019 by Paul Kennedy

Tags: Jess Howl, Lilly Calloway, Lola Belle

Alex and I have just returned from the Shadowlane Labor Day spanking party in Las Vegas, an event we attend every year and immensely enjoy.  My first attendance at this event was around 12 years ago in fact and we, along with every attendee, were always given a warm welcome by Tony Elka and Eve Howard, and they became good friends.  After 28 glorious and successful years as party hosts, this event was Tony and Eve's last as party organisers and we wish them well in everything they do in the future.  The whole spanking community owes a debt of thanks to them for providing a fun, safe event for us all to come together to celebrate what we enjoy and, more importantly, who we really are as people.  Thank you both, so much!

We are pleased that the Shadowlane Labor Day party will continue in the capable hands of of well-known spanking party host, organiser and bon vivant Dr Lectr (Joe).  Alex and I will be there to support him and the event next Labor Day weekend.

We of course spent some time making films, mostly for Northern Spanking but also our general fetish site KITCHENSINKSPANKING.COM and our new diaper spanking/ageplay site SPANKEDANDDIAPERED.COM  Here are a few sample images and behind-the-scenes photos, previewing forthcoming films starring Lilly Calloway, Lola Belle and Jess Howl.

Lilly Calloway has become a very close friend and we are extremely fond of her.  Beautiful and talented, here she is for the first time on film as a Domme, with Lola Belle over her lap!  We were immensely impressed with her creativity and skill as a Top and there are wonderful films to look forward to.  Lola Belle is from Las Vegas and we had wanted to work with her again, so this was a perfect opportunity to put the two together... and what a delightful outcome, as you can see!

Here's some more of the lovely Lola, with me this time in an extra stills-only set.

We were delighted to work with Jess Howl earlier this year and to give her, also, her on-screen spanking debut.  Jess is adorable and her roleplay is first class, so we were delighted to be able to work with her again so soon.  Here she is with me and with Lilly.

I rather like this picture Alex took of Lola Belle, looking utterly gorgeous as a *very* naughty hotel chambermaid and it seems a fitting way to end Part One of this post.  Part Two, with more photos, to follow in the next few days.


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