Elori Stix


Following on from the previous blog post, here's a preview of some of the films we shot with Elori Stix last week.

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Welcome Miss Elizabeth!


Due to personal circumstances we haven't really been able to keep up with the blog posts as we had originally intended, so here is the first of, hopefully, a series of posts to put that right, focussing on an awesome recent shoot here in Los Angeles.

Last week we were fortunate enough to work with a new-to-us and extremely talented Top: Miss Elizabeth.

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Possible Interruption To Updates and Delay Answering Queries

We have a famiy emergency which requires us to travel immediately to New York.  I will try to keep on top of updates as best I can but there may be some gaps.  My apologies but the site is run solely by Alex and me, so this is unavaoidable.

Also, I may not be available as quickly as usual to sort out signup problems.

Please bear with us.

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Landmarks In Spanking

I've been doing this, (spanking production and film-making) for rather a long time now and there are few landmarks left, but I achieved a personal one recently when I finally got to shoot with, and spank, the delightfuly talented Clare Fonda, for Northern Spanking, for the very first time!

Since moving to Los Angeles, Clare has become a good friend and its been fun getting to know someone whose on-screen spanking career somewhat paralelled my own, albeit more on the receiving end!  Most of Clare's appearances may be found on her own very successful suite of sites.  Here's a few examples, from SPANKEDSWEETIES.COM, SPANKEDCALLGIRLS.COM and GIRLSPANKSGIRL.COM

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Signup Issues

The signup process is now working more or less as it should.  The process is as follows:-

1. Complete the registration, click “REGISTER” and use the page that pops up to make your payment to CCBill, our credit card processor.

2. The CCBill confirmation that appears has a link to click, which will take you to this page: http://northernspanking.com/pages/main/thankyou

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Login Issues

All currently active members should now be able to log in.  Please let us know if you are still having problems.

New Site: Details & Notes On Features

Firstly, a huge thank you to Blake and Denny of Kinky Sites for helping us finally realise our vision for what Northern Spanking should be; bright, inclusive, user-friendly and a worthy platform to present the unique brand of spanking films and imagery we have been producing for nearly 20 years.  Its taken a lot of effort and many failed attempts to get where we are now and we really hope you like the new site as much as we do!

Even though we have thoroughly tested our new site, given its bespoke nature and functionality there are almost certain to be one or two glitches lurking waiting to be discovered.  If you spot something that doesn't seem to work as it should, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

The latest page of Updates is a little mis-ordered due to our adding in Scenes that were missing.  This will sort itself out at new Updates get added.

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