What Happens When Twitter Goes Dark?

As you may have noticed, Twitter recently updated their TOS, with the clear intention of giving themselves the authority with which to permanently remove all accounts promoting adult content and services, just like Tumblr and Instagram did.  If you follow Alex or me on Twitter, ( https://twitter.com/PA_Kennedy or https://twitter.com/Spankingland ) for updates on what's happening with us or this website, once they kick us off, you will no longer be able to do so, we will simply disappear.

The loss of Twitter will be a major blow to websites like ours, as its the main tool we use to promote ourselves to you, our customers and potential customers.  The drastic effect this could have on our sales and thefore our business, is all too clear.  There is however, an emerging alternative to Twitter, its called Mastodon.

For details of what Mastodon is, how it works and why IT CANNOT BE CENSORED, see this excellent article by our friends at Restrained Elegance: "5 Minutes To Save Your Twitter Following"   Mastodon is growing fast and will likely explode once Twitter kills off adult content.  If you get onto it now, even if you don't use it right away, you will know for sure where you can find us in future.  This is what you do:

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Pride Month

June is Pride Month-- a time to celebrate LGBT+ people and identities. For the second year in a row, we're commemorating this month by having all Female/Female (or Female/non-binary) scenes on Northern Spanking for the month of June. 

F/F spanking content is important, and it sometimes isn't taken seriously enough. It's important to acknowledge that many of the performers involved in the content that we enjoy are queer and that their interest in playing with women on camera isn't something that is just being done for the viewer's sake. F/F scenes are sometimes seen as being "fun and playful" while M/F scenes are more lauded as being strict and firm, but in reality, these scenes have as much range and variety as any. 

We're proud to kick this celebration off with a scene featuring me and beautiful new model, Lita Baby. Lita was introduced to you all with a photoset, but this is her spanking video premiere. 

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Announcing... spankedanddiapered.com

We have some exciting news to announce to you all today! The Northern Spanking family of sites has been expanding recently. We launched a clips4sale store called Spanked and Diapered a while ago, and it's been growing into a strong and popular brand. We are now proud to announce that Spanked and Diapered has launched as a brand new membership site! 

This new site focuses on the intersection of ABDL (diaper fetish) and spanking, with a variety of styles of scenes. Some scenes are forced regression, others are diaper discipline, while others are ageplay scenes. This site includes some of our more sexual scenes from time to time, too, including some very intimate diaper sex scenes between me (Alex) and my real life partner, Adriana Evans.

We've been lucky to shoot with a variety of performers for this site, including ABDL community superstars like Adriana. Ashley Belle (who you will recognize from Northern) is a lifestyle ABDL who has only shot scenes for us. Popular spanking scene models like Dorothy Burnett and Maddy Marks who, if you visit Northern, you will know and love, did their first explorations into this kind of play with us. 

As always, diversity is important to us, so you'll see lots of models of color, models with different body shapes and sizes, trans and non-binary models, and models from a wide range or backgrounds on our new site. 

We feature both M/F and F/F scenes, with lots of traditional parental discipline as well as peer-to-peer type scenes. And of course, there are plenty of schoolgirls, cheerleaders, and other uniforms that you know and love from Northern Spanking. 

We urge you to go check it out. While there are other excellent ABDL sites, and many of those include spanking in their repertoire, this is the first membership site dedicated to showcasing spanking and diapers in every scene. 

The new Spanked and Diapered is easy to use!  You can sign up via a different payment processor than Northern Spanking uses, but we guarantee that it is equally easy and safe to use. The site features much of the new functionality that came to Northern Spanking during the redesign, too: you can stream or download all scenes, including on mobile.  You can search Tags, save Favorites, add scenes to a list to watch later and more. 

Spanked and Diapered will be taking on the same update schedule as Northern Spanking, too, so you can expect lots of new content on a regular basis. The site has launched with all the films that were uploaded to clips4sale available on it, and will have new films added each week. If there are even a couple of our videos that you were interested in seeing, or if you'd like to be able to stream these videos on your mobile devices, it's a great deal, and unlike most ABDL sites, we offer a single month, non-rebilling option, if you 

This project has been something that I wanted to do ever since I first started exploring ABDL play, and seeing it come to fruition is so exciting. The Northern Spanking family of sites is continuing to grow: you can watch for even more new things from us in the coming year. Please join, share posts on social media, and show your support. Thank you so much!
CHECK OUT Spanked & Diapered HERE
JOIN Spanked & Diapered HERE

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Elori Stix


Following on from the previous blog post, here's a preview of some of the films we shot with Elori Stix last week.

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Welcome Miss Elizabeth!


Due to personal circumstances we haven't really been able to keep up with the blog posts as we had originally intended, so here is the first of, hopefully, a series of posts to put that right, focussing on an awesome recent shoot here in Los Angeles.

Last week we were fortunate enough to work with a new-to-us and extremely talented Top: Miss Elizabeth.

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Possible Interruption To Updates and Delay Answering Queries

We have a famiy emergency which requires us to travel immediately to New York.  I will try to keep on top of updates as best I can but there may be some gaps.  My apologies but the site is run solely by Alex and me, so this is unavaoidable.

Also, I may not be available as quickly as usual to sort out signup problems.

Please bear with us.

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New Models at Northern Spanking (Part 2)


Last week, we took a look at the first three new models that made their debut on Northern Spanking in 2018. Let’s continue with this trend and take a look at the next three!

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New Models at Northern Spanking (Part 1)


Every month, we introduces you to a new model who has never appeared on the site before. Sometimes they’re familiar faces who have worked for other spanking producers, but often they’re brand new performers doing their first shoot.

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Introducing Northern Spanking Sweethearts

At Northern Spanking, we are really proud of the diverse and beautiful group of models that work with us. Since the early days of the site back in the UK, we really feel that we've been blessed with a fantastic group of hard-working, dedicated, passionate, and of course, incredibly adorable and drop dead gorgeous people to work with. 

We spend a lot of time focusing on and celebrating new models, both in the spanking video community in general and on our site. On Northern Spanking, we introduce you to a new face every single month, and sometimes more than that. Whether it's a brand new model who has never been seen elsewhere or a seasoned spankee coming to work with us for the first time, we welcome them with a special photoset that introduces you to them and tantalizes you for things to come. 

But we also think that it's important to celebrate the models who we work with regularly. These girls bring something special to every shoot. Their passion is contagious and they inspire us to continue to make the best possible films for you all. 

So, it's my pleasure to introduce Northern Spanking Sweethearts: a new series in which we will honor our most popular models and celebrate the things that we've done together. Each month, we'll select a model onto whom to bestow the title of Northern Spanking Sweetheart. In addition to our usual updates for that week, you'll also get to see a special photoset, exclusive for members, to remind you of just how gorgeous and spankable each Sweetheart is. 

And, we'll sit down with the Sweetheart and interview her so you can get a peek into her inner world. We'll be asking questions about favorite shoots, favorite videos, spanking preferences, friends in the Northern Spanking community, vanilla interests and more! 

When you visit the Performers page, you'll know which of our models have been honored as Northern Spanking Sweethearts right away: their profile picture bears a heart, letting you all know that she's truly dear to us. 

When Paul and I came up with the idea to celebrate one of our favorite models each month (admittedly while waiting in line for Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland) we knew right away who we thought should be the first model that we gave this honor to. No, it's not me! I don't see the point of creating accolades only to give them to yourself. 

We wanted to celebrate Cupcake SinClair first and foremost. This is a girl who is truly sweet, and who we feel very lucky to have gotten to know through this industry. She's smart, creative, hardworking, sexy as hell, and she takes any and all spankings that we give her with passion. 

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New Models: Cece Lechay

Recently, we've had the good fortune to get to work with a string of brand new spanking models, which is always exciting. Cece came recommended by our friend Apricot Pitts: the girls both work at our local dungeon, Sanctuary LAX, and Apricot thought that Cece's adorable looks and spankable butt would be a good fit for our site. She was definitely right! 


I wasn't feeling well on the day that we shot with Cece, so I didn't appear in any of the films with her, but I definitely can't wait to get spanked next to her and to have my chance to spank her myself! I had originally planned to, but the reality of filming is that sometimes, things don't go the way that they're planned. We're just glad that we were still able to shoot and that I could cozy behind the camera in some comfy clothes and bedroom slippers. 

We shot some of our favorite types of scenes with Cece: look for her in a school uniform and another one of our favorite types of clothing coming sometime soon. 

The first photo I saw of Cece was one of the ones that are posted on Sanctuary's website. It showed Cece wearing some very cute lingerie. As soon as I saw it, I told Paul that I wanted to shoot her in stockings because she looked perfect in them. Paul also complains that we don't shoot enough stockings anymore, so we've been trying to focus on bringing them back. They made a recent appearance in a scene with Luci Lovett, and will be showing more often here in the coming months! 

So, for Cece's introductory stills set, we decided to have her in lingerie, but accompanied by an oversized men's shirt. This is a look that Paul and I both think is very sexy, and we hope you do, too! Cece really rocked it, and the set came out looking perfect. 

We can't wait to show you Cece's first spanking video, and as I said in the description for this set, we're so proud to be the site where your favorite spanking models get their start. 

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