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HD Films - School Dreams 1/3

Created 21 Oct 2010

This film is based on a blogpost Zille wrote about a personal fantasy school dream she had. It went like this: My Uncle was disciplining me, and he demanded I put on my old school uniform for it. I refused, saying it was embarrassing and I was too old to have to wear the ugly outfit. The knickers, I complained, were uncomfortable and ugly, as was the skirt, and the shirt was scratchy and the blazer shapeless and unflattering. I'm sure I had complaints about my socks, shoes, and tie, too! For each piece of the uniform that I refused to put on, he strapped me until I complied. This process took a while, as I was very recalcitrant, and had to be strapped to tears each time. Once I was finally dressed and resigned, I was surprised and dismayed to discover that the actual discipline was yet to come. Now I was to be caned (with my blazer and skirt pulled up, and my knickers pulled down, but all still on!) and it was implied that after he'd finished caning me into a sobbing mess, he'd be roughly fucking my ass (to further demonstrate his authority, of course, and anyway, in my universe, that's just what Uncles do!) When I woke up I told my Master all about it. I hope we make (most of!) that dream come true this weekend!

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