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HD Films - The Rehearsal - Full

Created 29 Aug 2023

Amelia Jane and MIla have been rehearsing hard for Ms Hunter's Finishing Academy end-of-year Governor's Ball. They have taken a few minor liberties with the Academy's anthem, just changing the melody and the words, completely. Nothing major, nothing to upset MS Hunter whom, they are certain, will be proud to exhibit their nurtered talent to the assembled Governors. Now its time to show Ms Hunter their achievements. Oh, and they have introduced a new instrument; a ukulele! Won't Ms Hunter be thrilled?!

Ms Hunter is not thrilled. Ms Hunter is extremely not thrilled and a prompt rearrangement back to the basics of the anthem, and the Acedemy's well-known punishment and disciplinary practices is promptly instituted. The unfortunate young ladies suffer a hand tawsing, several spankings and Ms Hunter's paddle across their bottoms, all immediately before they are due on stage.

Some Notes: 1) this is a very old film, shot in 2013 and released here for the first time! 2) Owing to the older generation equipment on which the footage was shot, manipulation to bring the result close to our current standard has resulted in pretty large files so please be aware when downloading. 3) No, this is by no means the last of the precious gems in our years-old archive yet to see the light of day!

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