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HD Films - BONUS: Loser Gets A Wedgie!

Created 23 Sep 2022

Luci and Alex made a bet: whoever's college football team won a big game would get to tease, spank, and wedgie the loser. They've been making these bets for a while now on their teams the Tennessee Volunteers and Florida Gators. Luci tends to be the winner. This time, however, she comes out on the bottom-- and she talked a LOT of trash before and during the game.

Alex is thrilled to get to have her revenge, and she makes Luci dress in an outfit supporting her team (embarrassing enough, since their teams are rivals!) and begins to take her revenge for all that trash-talking: huge wedgies, a hard spanking, and lots of laughing at her friend. It's all in good fun, of course, but Luci will think twice before she talks trash again!

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