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HD Films - Punishment Weekend - Full

Created 17 May 2022

Our story takes place upon the return of Casey and Andy's parents, who had only been away a few days. The damage and destruction visited upon their beautiful home in their absence, can only have been the result of the girls' disobeying a direct instruction.... No parties!

Paul and Alex's disappointment in the girls is evident and a severe and memorable punishment now takes place. Having had all privileges, including TV and phones, removed, Andy and Casey are told to dress in their school PE Kit as this is how they will spend the weekend. They will spend a good portion of the weekend being spanked too. And strapped. And having the back of Alex's hairbrush applied soundly to their naughty bottoms.

Part One sees Casey and Andy finding out exactly what they're in for, as both are soundly punished with smacked bottoms and a good hiding with Paul's supple strap.

Part Two sees a spectacular act of disobedience from Andy and the resultant punishment from an angry Paul.

Part Three is Casey's turn to not take her instructions seriously and to pay a high price for it over Alex's lap.

All told, this is a weekend the girls will want to quickly forget. For us however, as observers, it may long remain in the memory!

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