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HD Films - A Small Donation

Created 31 Aug 2021

Student Ava Nicole is attempting to collect charitable donations towards what she thinks is a worthwhile project at her college. She's been doorstepping for hours with precisely zero donations when she makes the horrendous mistake of knocking on Kennedy's door. Grumpy and donation-resistant to say the least, and having thoroughly misunderstood the meaning and purpose of "gluten", he is about to send Ava on her way when she, clearly desperate for a pee, begs him to let her use his bathroom. Relenting, Kennedy allows Ava in, only to delay her progress to the little girls room with a continuation of his lecture.

When the inevitable happens and Ava wets herself, producing a huge dark patch on her grey cotton leggings, Kennedy loses it and decides that she must be punished, his way, not only for defiling his doorstep but also for demanding money from him and his neighbors for ridiculous causes.

Soon poor Ava finds herself upended across the arm of his sofa having her wet bottom smacked hard, first over her leggings then her wet little cotton panties. A spanking not seeming to be enough for Kennedy, he drags down Ava's wet panties and applies a good hiding to her bottom with his belt.

Having been sent on her embarrassing and damp way home, Ava will certainly not be visiting this neighborhood again.

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