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HD Films - Priceless Artifacts

Created 9 Oct 2020

Rachel is a security guard at a city museum. She works very long hours for very little money and this is just one of her jobs. Overcome with tiredness one day, Rachel takes a nap. Unfortunately the 18th Century heirloom on which she's napping is covered by a security camera.

Rachel's boss is a lazy but connected city employee seemingly freshly transferred from one of its correctional facilities, where no doubt his strengths were more in play. About heritage and history he gives precisely zero fucks but he does recognize an opportunity when he sees it asleep on a screen.

Unwilling, supposedly, to go through the mountain of paperwork needed to dismiss Rahel, his alternative punishment is more immediate, painful and extremely humiliating for poor Rachel, who soon finds herself across his desk, tights and panties down, on the receiving end of his belt. She does want to keep her job after all, doesn't she?

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