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HD Films - Casey Feels The Heat

Created 13 Mar 2020

Strict mom Alex Reynolds had to pick her daughter, Casey Calvert, up from school because she claimed that she was sick. It was coincidentally on the day of a big exam that Alex suspected Casey was underprepared for. She gets out a little, vintage glass thermometer and a tub of vaseline so that she can take Casey's temperature...rectally while over her knee, of course. Casey whines and squirms as the uncomfortable glass is placed in such an incredibly embarrassing position.

The thermometer shows that Casey is perfectly healthy, which means that she's in for a spanking, which is delivered while she keeps the thermometer in her bottom.

When her mom lets her up, Casey thinks her punishment is over. Instead, she's sent to change for bed. She puts on her little drop-seat pajamas and waits nervously.

Alex is soon back to continue Casey's discipline. She's brought a bigger, modern thermometer to "double-check" Casey's temperature. It still shows that she was lying, so it is time for another bare bottom spanking with the thermometer in her bottom.

Superstar Casey Calvert looks so perfect in her school uniform and her drop seat pajamas, and this film includes two rectal temperature takings for this naughty girl.

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