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HD Films - Tea & Caning At The Home Office

Created 21 Oct 2019

April is a junior assistant at the Home Office and, as happens occasionally, has left a laptop full of sensitive information on the Tube! Mandarins Kennedy and Osborne have been appointed to look into April's indiscretion and to decide and apply any disciplinary measures required. Recalling long disused Home Office tradition, the pair decide that April should keep her job but suffer a caning for compromising national security. Besides a tape recording for archive, no record will be kept of the matter to avoid press attention - a satisfactory outcome all round? Perhaps...

NB. for our American audience, the Tube is the London Underground metro system and the British Home Office is equivalent to the US State Department and Mandarins is the term used to refer to dusty, middle-ranking officials therein. All clear? Jolly good. As you were!

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