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HD Films - Silly Sister's Seifuku Spanking

Created 10 Sep 2019

Alex Reynolds can't believe her eyes when she walks into the living room to see her little sister, Sarah Gregory, dressed in a seifuku and reading a book about anime...holding the book upside down. Sarah wasn't even interested in anime last week, but now it has suddenly become her "obsession." It's too bad she didn't do any research into the subject at all, but ditzy Sarah tends to be like that.

Alex tries to explain to her sister that she isn't reading the book properly and that if she wants to learn about anime, there are better ways to do it than to rush out and spend money on a, for example, actually watching it!

When Sarah insists on being belligerent and refusing to take Alex's advice, she gets frustrated and hauls her sister over her lap. She gives her a sound spanking, both with her hand and with the book which Sarah is refusing to read properly.

A spanking may not knock any sense into silly Sarah, but it at least makes her long-suffering big sister feel that much better.

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