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HD Films - A Chance To Own Up 2/2

Created 17 Aug 2019

An end-of-term exam paper has disappeared from the Head of Physics' tutorial room. At the time of the disappearance four girls were unsupervised in the room, where the exam paper was in a desk drawer, for just five minutes. One of them took it and they all know which. This is clearly the most serious of disciplinary matters and the Head of Physics is well-known for his uncompromising attitude towards using corporal punishment on his students when, (never if), they deserve it.

Dr Kennedy announces his intention to spank them, each in turn, until one of them owns up. Needless to say, that girl may expect to be severely punished. Apart from the usual protestations about innocence and fairness, none of them say a word during the spanking. Then begins the strapping, all four girls bent over side by side to receive the much-feared two-tailed tawse applied to her bare bottom. It is some way into this process, which he has promised will continue until the culprit owns up, that the culprit DOES own up.

Having put her three classmates through a good portion of the ordeal before admitting it was her, they are not necessarily displeased to watch her getting her hands strapped.

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