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HD Films - Poor Little Rich Girl

Created 16 Aug 2019

Maddy is the only daughter of very wealthy parents who spend much time abroad, both on business and on holidays in which she is almost never included. Despite this neglect, she is a happy-go-lucky girl with lots of friends and an active social circle. Paul has been employed as Maddy's bodyguard for some years and has seen more of her growing up than her parents have. They like each other and, despite a long-suffering attitude to being dragged around to school discos, parties and lunches with her girlfriends, he cares for her and is happy to look after her.

On a skiing trip, Maddy has injured herself by falling on a ski run that was far too challenging for her. Paul had forbidden her to do it but she sneaked out early in the morning and did it anyway. We open with their return from the hospital, Maddy with a brace on her sprained ankle. This is the most dangerous thing she's ever done and, in addition to being responsible for her safety, he cares about the girl and feels the only way to make sure she doesn't do anything so careless again, is to punish her with a spanking. Their relationship is such that Maddy accepts his authority and reluctantly agrees that she does deserve it.

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