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Created 8 Jul 2019

Bri Crawford has a reputation for being loud and disruptive at school. When the teacher moves her seat to get her to be quiet, she just makes a new friend to talk to. When headed out of state for a school trip to a museum, the teachers thought it would be a good idea to separate Bri and her best friend, Katrina, to avoid too many antics in the hotel. They placed them on opposite sides of the building and on different floors.

Unfortunately, the hotel has an atrium layout, and Bri and Katrina realized that they could easily communicate by simply shouting from the balconies to each other. Several other hotel guests complained about the noise the girls were making, so both girls were sent to their respective rooms to await discipline.

Mr. Kennedy was sent to deal with Bri, and he arrives equipped with a cane. Despite the school girl's attempts to talk her way out of punishment or justify her disruptive behavior, Bri finds herself over his knee, getting her panties taken down for a spanking before being bent over the bed for a thorough caning.

Maybe corporal punishment will keep Miss Crawford from being the loudest girl in the school.

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