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HD Films - Payback Time

Created 1 Jul 2019

Angel and Alex were best friends in high school, and to this day, they're very close. They don't get to see each other that often anymore, but were happy to stay together when they came back to town for their five-year reunion. They got to reminiscing, and a bit of a sore area for Alex came up. Angel told on Alex for her plan to sneak alcohol into the graduation dance, resulting in Alex getting caned on the very last day of school. To make matters worse, Angel listened and laughed: she thought the whole thing was funny.

So now, Alex is ready to get her revenge. She pulls Angel over her lap and spanks her, first over her tan pantyhose, then on her cotton panties, and finally on her bare bottom. But she's not satisfied until she's taken a wooden hairbrush to Angel's bottom.

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