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HD Films - Badge Of Honor

Created 12 Jun 2019

Cherry Blossom is having breakfast with her mom, Alex, before leaving for a day trip with her Girl Scout troop. Cherry has just started as a junior Girl Scout, but Alex notices something unusual. Overnight, Cherry went from having about four having her whole vest full. When Alex asks, Cherry immediately tells her that she took them off her older sisters' vests-- she doesn't even try to hide her deception at all. Her reasoning? It looks cool!

Mom is not impressed. She lectures Cherry about stealing and about how she can't just pretend to accomplish things she hasn't...while she bends her daughter over the breakfast table for a spanking on her adorable cotton panties and then on her bare bottom.

Cherry is one of the cutest spankees working today, and she looks perfect in her authentic vintage girl scout uniform and her little pig tails. This is a video not to miss!

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