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HD Films - A Hand In Her Punishment

Created 2 May 2019

Cupcake SinClair has been dragged into the hallway by her teacher, Paul Kennedy. Cupcake has been disruptive in class... again. Mr. Kennedy carries a tawse on his shoulder under his jacket when teaching, and he takes it out to put it to good use. He makes Cupcake face the wall and lift her skirt, then applies the tawse to her bottom immediately, without any warm up. Cupcake whimpers and protests, but she takes a hard leathering, first across her white school panties and then on her bare bottom. But eventually, Cupcake reaches her hand back to try to stop the punishment. When this happens, Mr. Kennedy decides that he will be shifting the style of Cupcake's correction, and makes her turn around and put her hands out one at a time to have them strapped. Cupcake takes eight hard strokes of the strap on her hands, making her crumple over in pain. 

When her punishment is finished, Mr. Kennedy makes Cupcake shake his hand, and then sends her back to class.

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