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HD Films - Overheard

Created 11 Mar 2019

Calling for her friend Anabelle, Alex is surprised to find her wearing her school PE kit on the weekend. Anabelle explains that she's in trouble and when she's in trouble, this is what she has to wear. So, if Anabelle is in trouble, does that mean she's grounded and they can't go out for the afternoon? No, Anabelle explains, she just has to be punished first and would Alex mind waiting while it happens! Intrigued, Alex asks what she means and is shocked to find out that her friend is about to get a spanking!

Called into her bedroom, Anabelle's punishment begins and outside, Alex can hear her friend being smacked. Each smack on Anabelle's bottom can be clearly heard, along with her cries. With her punishment complete, Alex of course wants to see Lily's bottom...

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