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HD Films - Bad Example

Created 6 Mar 2019

Alex Reynolds is in trouble again. Her best friend's family took her on vacation with them, and her friend's father, played by new-to-the-site Top, Pharaoh, caught her smoking during the trip. He brought her back to the hotel room to talk to her in private-- he knows that his daughter looks up to Alex and wants to do everything that she does, so he didn't want her to even know that Alex was in trouble so she wouldn't ask questions. Alex has been hanging out with this family for a long time, and she knows the way that bad behavior is handled: even though Pharaoh isn't her dad, she knows to expect a trip over his lap for a spanking for doing something so foolish.

Alex gets spanked over her tight-fitting jean shorts first, but Pharaoh doesn't think that he's making enough of an impression, so he moves on to spanking her over her cotton panties. He has a hard hand and Alex is really struggling to take the spanking, fighting and wiggling over his lap. But it's not enough: even though it's embarrassing, he decides to spank her on the bare and to use a leather paddle to really drive home the lesson. He scolds her about how much his daughter wants to be like her and how not only did she put herself at risk by engaging in something unhealthy, but she could have led her best friend astray, too.

Alex is clearly emotional and very sore after the spanking, but she has learned her lesson.

We're so glad to be able to welcome Pharaoh (of OKG Spanking Association ) to Northern Spanking! He was an awesome Top to work with, and we hope to get to shoot with him much more in the future.

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