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HD Films - Out Of Gas

Created 8 Nov 2018

Alex Reynolds had to rescue her younger sister, Lizzy McAllister when she ran out of gas...again! Lizzy was driving to a date and she thought that she had 30 more miles before she was out, but her car stopped working. After having things sorted out by her big sister, Lizzy is returned home for a harsh scolding about being safer and more responsible, followed by a trip over Alex's knee for a hard spanking on the seat of her tight-fitting date dress, then on her pretty pastel panties, and finally on her bare bottom. 

The pretty young blonde is soon squirming and promising to be more responsible in the future as the sting really builds on her round little bottom. Alex is thorough and makes sure Lizzy is well reddened before accepting her apology. Hopefully, she won't have to rescue her little sister in the near future!

We love working with Lizzy! This was filmed during her first ever spanking shoot. She has a classic look and a bratty personality that make her ever so spankable. We also loved the pastel aesthetic in this scene: Lizzy's glowing pink bottom fit in perfectly with the color scheme!

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