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HD Films - Apricot's Punishment 1/2

Created 18 Oct 2018

In this severe corporal punishment video, Apricot Pitts plays Apricot Taylor, a young professional with a lot of promise but a bad attitude. After an incident in the office where she spoke disrespectfully to a superior, Apricot knows that she's in trouble. But she's an asset to her company and firing her would be silly. She just needs to be put on a better path.

So Apricot is summoned to the main corporate office, where she is scheduled to receive corporal punishment to correct her behavior. There, she is met by the head of the company's secretary, Alex Reynolds, who scolds her for being late before she escorts her to the punishment room and explains to her how to prepare herself. Apricot is to stand on a small platform on the floor and not move from this spot until her punishment has been completed. She is to lift her skirt and lower her panties while she waits for the head of the company, Mr. Kennedy, to come and discipline her.

After some nervous moments waiting, Apricot meets Mr, Kennedy, who appears with both a paddle and a cane in hand. He explains that he greatly enjoys punishing a pretty young employee like Apricot and explains to her that it will certainly be a painful experience for her. Apricot is to receive twelve strokes of the cane for her original offense plus twelve swats with a heavy wooden paddle for her tardiness to this appointment.

Apricot takes her cane strokes cold, while she stands with her elbows resting on her knees in a stress position that sticks her curvy bottom out beautifully. It isn't long before she has red lines on her bottom and real tears streaming down her face. The girl is sobbing by the time she's allowed to rub her bottom halfway through her caning and she's howling by the time it's finished.

But her punishment isn't over. Apricot now must bend over with her hands on her knees for her paddling, which is delivered on top of her welts. But before she does that, Mr. Kennedy puts a bar of soap into Apricot's mouth for her to hold for the remainder of her punishment-- a lesson in keeping a civil tongue in her mouth in the workplace in future. Poor Apricot struggles to take her swats and struggles to hold the soap in her mouth, but she stays down and remains on the small platform she's assigned to. By the end, she's a mess of tears, running makeup and soapy foam.

This is one of the most severe scenes that Apricot has filmed, as you can see from her intense reactions and marked bottom. For those who like hard canings and paddlings, this is one not to miss!

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