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Created 17 Oct 2018

Miss Kelley May is a young choir director taking a group of students on an overnight trip to the other side of the state for them to perform. She's accompanied by Mr. Lewis: the choir director for their entire district. The girls were instructed to get some rest the night before the performance, with the two soloists, Maddy Marks and Cupcake SinClair, given a special room in hopes that they wouldn't be disturbed.

Unfortunately, Maddy is a bit of a ringleader among the other girls, and she strongarmed straight-laced Cupcake into throwing a party with a few of their friends. Adriana Evans, Nuna Starks, Ave Nicole, and Harley Havik showed up. Wine coolers were procured. Clothes were removed. Spin the bottle was played.

The girls weren't expecting to be caught in this state, but with all the noise they were making, maybe they should have been. Both Miss May and Mr. Lewis arrive at their room, and Mr. Lewis has a cane in his hand. After both their teacher and their director scold them about this behavior, Miss May announces that they need spankings to get them back under control.

And that's exactly what happens: Miss Kelley takes a seat on the sofa and pulls one girl across her lap and Mr. Lewis pulls out a straight-backed chair in order to put another one in the same position and each girl is soundly spanked, first on their tight-fitting white panties and then on their bare bottoms.

But one spanking is not enough: after being spanked by one of their authority figures, each girl is sent to wait in line for punishment from the other. Two hard spankings leave the girls rubbing and wiggling, and looking very contrite indeed.

But Cupcake and Maddy were truly responsible for this whole debacle, and Mr. Lewis feels that the two of them should know better than to have behaved the way they did. So, with all eyes on them, Cupcake is made to bend over for a caning. Maddy is next, and receives even more strokes since she was the one who started the whole thing.

Then, it's off to bed for all of the girls. Hopefully, a lesson was learned and there won't be any further problems from these sorry schoolgirls!

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