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HD Films - Escalating Consequences 1/2

Created 26 Jul 2018

Ami is forgetful. It is her principal failing and extremely frustrating to her Aunt Alex, who takes care of her. Ami gives her aunt frequent cause to discipline her, usually following Ami having forgotten something. Firstly its her PE Kit, which results in Ami getting slippered by the PE Mistress and made to do Games in her little cotton training bra and knickers. A further slippering and a smacked bottom awaits Ami at home when Aunt Alex finds out via the inevitable note home. The humiliation of having to undress mid-punishment and don the missing PE Kit should drive the message home? Not so...

A few days later, Ami hopelessly fails a very important test. A test on a subject at which she excels. Ami forgot about the test and failed to revise for it. This is quite beyond Aunt Alex and, in desperation, she seeks outside help in applying a lasting disciplinary reminder to Ami's bottom. Down the street lives an acquaintance of Aunt Alex, one of the Senior Masters at the Boys Academy, the sister-school to the one Ami attends. The girls school does not employ corporal punishment beyond the PE Mistress slipper. Not so for the boys. Punishment is frequent and severe and usually involves a beating, which is where Senior Master Kennedy, his cane and forgetful young Ami's bottom intersect.

Ami is given a thrashing she will never forget.

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