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HD Films - Yellow Card For Maddy

Created 19 Jul 2018

Maddy Marks is brought home from soccer by her mom, Kelley May. Her mom is upset because Maddy was scolded by her coach for being too aggressive on the field. Maddy received a yellow card in the last game for this same reason, and Kelley is very unhappy about it. She is even less happy with the fact that Maddy had a serious attitude towards the coach when she was scolded, not realizing that her mother was listening! Maddy shows a little attitude at home now, too, insisting that aggression wins matches. She rolls her eyes at the suggestion that hard work, practice, and skill win matches instead.

Kelley has had enough and takes Maddy over her lap. She begins by spanking her daughter over her tight fitting athletic shorts, then moves on to punish her on top of her royal blue briefs. Ultimately, though, its a bare bottom spanking for Maddy, and even that is not enough to satisfy her strict mom. Kelley sends Maddy to get her fathers belt from the other room. She proceeds to make Maddy kneel on the sofa while she delivers a hard, fast, and unforgettable belt whipping to her gorgeous, round bottom. Maddy cries out and whimpers as she learns her lesson. In the end, she promises to be better behaved at practice and on the field while hugging her mom.

This film is perfect for those of you with soccer on the brain right now. Even those totally disinterested in sports will love seeing fan-favorite Maddy in her skin tight shorts. Of course, Kelley May is never to be missed, striking the perfect balance of strict and caring while giving a precise and thorough punishment with the belt.

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