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HD Films - Mommy's Home

Created 11 Apr 2018

Adriana has her best friend, Maddy, over to spend the night while the two girls babysit her little sister, Dorothy. Their mother is working an overnight shift at her office, and all three girls have gotten in their pajamas but made no motion towards going to bed. This is still the case when mom, Kelley May, arrives six in the morning! Kelley is thoroughly unimpressed. Adriana was supposed to be responsible enough to watch her sister and she let her stay up all night, Dorothy should have known better than to let her sister lead her astray and Maddy is a guest in their home who should not be participating in this disobedience, either. No-nonsense Kelley lines all three girls up and pulls their pajamas and panties right down. Then, one by one, each girl goes over her knee for a hard, embarrassing bare bottom spanking, made worse by having two observers! Adriana and Maddy are humiliated to be being spanked at their age, and little Dorothy is distressed to be in trouble. But all three are soundly punished, then they are lined up together on the couch to be spanked together: only appropriate since they all got into trouble together. When Kelley is convinced that the girls have learned a lesson, they are sent off to bed. She is going to have to hire a babysitter next time!

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