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HD Films - Maddy's Audition 2/2

Created 16 Nov 2017

Aspiring actress Maddy Marks is hoping for a big break when her agent sends her meet casting director Alex Reynolds. Alex works for one of the biggest companies in this genre, with plenty of opportunities for TV and film work, and Maddy's agent told her that she has a good chance at being signed into a contract to work regularly with the company. When Ms. Reynolds appears, however, she is dressed in a sexy, form fitting black dress and carrying a wooden paddle. This was not what Maddy was expecting. Alex tells the nervous girl that in order to be given the coveted contract, Maddy will have to do everything that Alex says for the duration of her audition. This starts right away, with the casting director forcing her legs open and fondling the girl over her pink polkadot panties. When Maddy flinches at this unexpected and violating touch, Alex smacks her on the insides of both her thighs. This is how the audition is going to go, whether she likes it or not. You can watch exactly what happens on Ms. Reynolds' casting couch since she has installed a sneaky little hidden camera, so she can later look back and enjoy the fond memories of spanking, fondling, undressing and paddling sweet, innocent girls like Maddy. We are pretty sure that you, too, will want to see just how much young Miss Marks squeals and cries when her thighs are smacked, or her look of terror when her dress is unzipped, or how hard she tries to stay in position for hard, entirely undeserved paddle swats to her bare bottom.

Don't worry, we are prepared to share. But remember: you mustn't tell anyone about what happens in Ms. Reynolds' casting office.

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