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HD Films - Slumber Party 2/2

Created 15 Nov 2017

Alex and Linny's parents have gone away to a wedding and left the girls at home. Alex, being older, feels that she is in charge of her little sister and is ready to prove it. So when Linny invites her friends Ally and Cupcake to spend the night, Alex is not impressed. Eager to demonstrate her authority, she tells Linny that she is going to be punished for throwing her slumber party without permission. Not wanting Alex to send her friends home, and worried that she might have enough authority to do so, Linny begrudgingly submits to the punishment: a bare bottom spanking over her big sister's knee while her friends watch. She is shocked, though, when Alex also spanks both Ally and Cupcake, one by one, in the same manner. With sore, red bottoms, the girls are very subdued, and head quietly to bed, with only a few complaints that this was unfair.

This film features three gorgeous and popular spankees in adorable pajamas getting OTK spankings, so it's definitely not to be missed. And no one plays the bossy big sister like Alex Reynolds!

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