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HD Films - The Touch Of Discipline 1/2

Created 16 Nov 2017

University student Harley is once again at the home of her professor, Jane Carson (played by Apricot Pitts). This time, she is in big trouble. Although Harley has worked hard and earned the title of Valedictorian, she has really let her advisor down by showing up to her graduation meeting with the dean late...over twenty minutes late.

Jane scolds Harley for this thoughtless behavior and then orders her over her knee for a spanking with a leather strap. Harley whines and wriggles as the leather bites into her bottom over and over again, but Jane's disappointment in her hurts even more. Harley knows that she's going to be getting caned again and gets into position without a fight. This time, she receives 24 strokes, one for every minute that she was late. She cries out with each stroke, but cannot help but feel a certain kind of excitement at being punished.

Jane knows that showing up late to something like this is unlike Harley, though, and she asks her if she misbehaved on purpose just to get spanked again. Harley admits that she has been lonely and craving physical contact since her boyfriend broke up with her recently. Jane first kisses her face to soothe her...then the action turns to something else. She brings Harley into her bedroom to rub oil onto her bottom again, but this time, one thing leads to another and soon her pretty protege is entirely undressed and Jane has stripped out of her business attire to reveal a sexy black bra and panty set. She kisses Harley passionately, plays with her breasts and lets her hands wander to exactly where Harley wants them to be. Soon, both young women are naked together. Harley is delighted as her professor begins to explore her body: kissing, licking and touching in ways that Harley never expected. Soon, she comes to a loud orgasm and collapses into cuddles on the bed. This was exactly what she needed, and it looks like it was for Jane, too.

This is the most explicit film that Harley Havik has ever done, and we are sure you will love seeing her in this very sexy and intimate light. Apricot has experience with this kind of movie and shines as the sexy professor who helps her student explore her hidden desires. This is not one to miss!

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