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HD Films - Adjusted Status 1/2

Created 29 Jul 2017

Everyone in their town knows Alex Reynolds as a formidable business woman with a short temper and bristly attitude. Her brother's wife, Linny, however, is known for being quiet, sweet and demure. There is no one in town who dislikes Linny...except for Alex, who has always suspected that no one could be quite as pure and innocent as everyone seems to think Linny is. So when her brother is out of the country on a long business trip and Alex goes snooping around to see if she can find any dirt on Linny, she feels vindicated and enraged when she discovers evidence that Linny is trying to sabotage the family business for her own gain.

Not one to be messed with, Alex calls her sister-in-law over to confront her. She will not tell her brother whats been going on, but only if Linny accepts the punishment Alex feels she deserves. A bare bottom spanking over her knee is just the start of things. Alex has decided that, at least until her husbands return, Linny will have to serve as her maid and wear an embarrassingly diminutive maid's uniform, complete with a little hat. When Linny fails to pay attention to these details when serving coffee to Alex and her husband, she is once again spanked hard, then further punished with a riding crop.

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