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HD Films - The Slipper: Part One

Created 24 Jul 2017

The first in a series of four films exploring the one element of corporal punishment that survived the ending of the practice in UK state schools in the early 1980's: The Slipper! It was always common knowledge, although rarely talked about, that PE Mistresses (and Masters!), kept a slipper for on-the-spot motivation or punishment during PE classes, or sometimes afterwards in the changing room. The slipper itself was a plimsoll or gym shoe, almost always a large, gents example for maximum effectiveness and coverage.

In this film April, a lazy and extremely rude schoolgirl finds herself kept back after school, made to don her PE kit of white vest and bottle green PE knickers, to receive a dose of The Slipper from Miss Reynolds.

Warning: This film may evoke painful memories for viewers of a certain vintage!

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