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HD Films - Waiting Is The Worst

Created 22 Jul 2017


Something special today, as a little bonus! In addition to this site, we also run a clips4sale only store: Kitchen Sink Spanking It's a home for videos that we enjoy doing but that might not fit the general themes of Northern Spanking, or that explore other fetishes in addition to spanking, as this film does.

This film is one of our favorites that we have done, so we decided that we would share it here, as well. Please go check out Kitchen Sink Spanking , especially if you enjoy this film!

In this video, Alex is in trouble once again. Sent to her room in just her t-shirt and panties to face the wall and wait to be punished, she realizes that she needs to pee, and very badly. She wiggles and squirms as she tries to both obey her instructions and hold in her need to pee, but eventually she fails, soaking her panties. Unsure of what to do, she faces the wall in disgrace with her knickers wet.

Paul eventually returns to punish her, only to discover her little accident. He scolds Alex for her naughty behavior, then puts her across his lap to smack her bottom. She wriggles and howls as she is punished, feeling the sharp sting of a spanking on a wet bottom. Perhaps this will teach the little miss to have a bit more self control in future!

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