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HD Films - School Spirit Strapping

Created 16 Jul 2017

Ava Nicole is in a lot of trouble after she caused a scene at the varsity football game. The feisty cheer captain lead the other girls in a series of alternative cheers, making fun of the opposing school and using very harsh language. The coach was appalled. The team was docked a point for poor sportsmanship. Ava was temporarily removed from the field...and when she was allowed to return, she did it again!

Upon her return home, an agreement was made with the coach over the phone that Ava would be allowed to maintain her position on the team only if she was punished severely at home. Now, Ava is in for a hard spanking followed by a dose of the strap on her bare bottom. Its going to be hard: she needs to learn that this sort of behavior is disgraceful and definitely not funny!

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