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HD Films - Buttflap - Full

Created 16 Jul 2017

Dorothy is a very badly behaved high schooler, so her parents had to hire Alex to babysit her when they go out. Alex, only a few years older, is delighted with her job, while Dorothy obviously hates this arrangement.

Alex comes in to see if Dorothy has done her homework, only to find that she does not even have her books at home, so she decides that its time for bed. But Dorothy throws a fit and is very rude to her babysitter. Alex decides that if Dorothy is going to act like a little girl, she will be treated like one and pulls her over her lap for a good spanking over her skirt and grey cotton panties, then on her bare bottom.

But a spanking is not all: Alex tells Dorothy that she cannot trust her to get ready for bed herself so she starts looking through her closet for some pajamas. She is very pleased to find a babyish pair of one piece, dropseat pajamas with little penguins on them. Despite her protests that she is too old to wear that now, Alex orders Dorothy to undress. Dorothy takes her shoes off and throws them, but eventually strips to her panties. She is even more embarrassed when Alex orders her out of those, too.

Dorothy then sits fully nude and on display while Alex dresses her in the childish pajamas, reminding her of what a naughty little girl she is and how she needs to be taken care of since she cannot seem to do anything on her own without help.

Dorothy thinks it's time for bed, but she is still in trouble for her tantrum when being told to change, so it's back across Alex's lap, this time for a bare bottom spanking through the very convenient flap in her pajamas. Alex spanks her hard as she kicks and fights, but finally admits defeat and takes the rest of her punishment.

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