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HD Films - A Different Spoon 1/2

Created 16 Jul 2017

Schoolgirl Ava Nicole has gotten herself into a situation. She volunteered to make the cakes for the school bake sale, even though she had no idea how to bake! Her older sister, Kelley, was very popular at school and everyone always talked about how wonderful her baking was. Now that Kelley has graduated, Ava wanted to be just as well liked, so she signed up to make the cakes anyway. Now, with the day of the sale approaching, she must ask her big sister to bail her out and help her with the cakes.

Kelley is a caring sister, and agrees to help Ava avoid disaster with some assistance in the kitchen, but she tells her sister that she needs another kind of help: a lesson in being responsible, not taking on too much, seeking help when she needs it and, most importantly, being her own person. She takes her adorable younger sister over her knee for a hard spanking, coupled with stern but affirmative scolding as she reminds her that it's more important to be yourself than to try to be what you think people want you to be.

Kelley teaches Ava these important lessons by smacking her bottom hard, but is unconvinced that she has learned enough, so she leaves Ava with her bare bottom on display while she goes to the kitchen. Returning with a wooden spoon, she puts her younger sister back across her lap for a hard, fast spanking with the spoon. Avas adorable bottom is marked and sore when Kelley is convinced that she has gotten through to her. She finishes with a big hug and caring words of encouragement as the two go to get on with the cake baking.

This film is Ava Nicole's first spanking video, and her sweet demeanor on camera, beautiful appearance and perfectly spankable bottom are sure to make her very popular. Adding to the excitement is the fact that this video is the first appearance of Princess Kelley May on camera since 2012, when she took a step back from the spanking video limelight. In that time, she has evolved into an excellent Top: her spanking is hard and her scolding hits close to home. Coupled with her gorgeous face and stunningly curvy figure, Kelley is a someone we are very glad to have back in front of the camera.

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