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HD Films - Out Of The Frying Pan

Created 19 Nov 2018

The first of two special bonus updates this week, this is a particularly good film with an outstanding performance from Maddy Marks. I think this is the film where we set the precedent for absolutely terrifying poor Maddy every time we pointed a camera at her!

It was not included in the site re-launch as the video resolution was smaller than usual, owing to a camera fault when we were filming it. It has been restored however at the very special request of... I wonder if you can guess who?! She was a little scared to ask(!) but I am happy to oblige as Maddy really loves this film. If you haven't seen it before, I'm sure you will too!

Maddy Marks is straight out of the local jail and she has promised herself that she is going straight. It's not easy for an ex-con though, even one as pretty and appealing as Maddy. The terms of her parole require her to find and keep a job but few places will hire a girl with a record. Fortunately, her parole officer has set her up a job interview at Kennedy's, a local restaurant, whereupon she meets Kennedy himself.Maddy is terrified of making a bad impression as her prospects are slim. She is quiet and polite as Kennedy asks her questions. He will take on a girl with a record, but there are rules in his restaurant. Mistakes come with consequences and he could have her sent back to jail in a heartbeat. As for the consequences, Kennedy makes those crystal clear, with a prolonged and painful practical demonstration. So, if she wants to work there, Maddy will have to get used to having her perky bottom spanked, wearing an extremely revealing uniform and taking hard punishment with a heavy leather strap for the slightest mistake.Both of them know she is going to take it, though. What choice does she have, really? As for Kennedy, well he is having one of his better days, believe it or not.

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