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HD Films - Field Trip Rules 2/2

Created 15 Jul 2017

School girls Adriana Evans and Alex Reynolds had been having a lovely time on their school trip, but when they returned to the hotel room the two were sharing, they discovered something startling. A bill had been slipped under the door, informing the girls that they were being charged for having consumed all the alcohol in the mini bar.

The two girls hadn’t touched the mini bar at all. They stood in the doorway looking at it in a panic, wondering what to do. They were under the supervision of the strictest teacher at their school, and neither one of them wanted to tell Mr. Kennedy about this situation.

Unfortunately, as they stood weighing their options, he appeared, cane in hand, on his way to another girls room to deal with some bad behavior. He was certainly not thrilled to hear about the bill the girls had been given, and refused to listen to their pleas of innocence.

Adriana and Alex could not convince their teacher that they really were innocent, this time, and each girl found herself turned across his lap for a soundly smacked bottom. Excessive protests from Alex even earned her a dose of the hairbrush.

Once both their bottoms were pink and sore, Mr. Kennedy ordered Alex over a pillow for a caning. Adriana was made to lift Alexs skirt and pull down her panties, exposing her bottom, then had to watch anxiously, very well aware that she would soon be in the same position. Alex cried out with each biting stroke adding to the bitterness of being unfairly punished. Then, it was time for the girls to switch position.

Adriana looked very young and vulnerable in her white cotton panties and blue school dress, but Mr. Kennedy was sure that he knew better and these girls were trouble makers, so he pulled her panties down and gave her just as sound of a punishment as he had given Alex, who was standing with her sore and welted bottom on display while her friend was disciplined.

When the correction was complete, the girls were left to think about what they had, (or had not!), done and Mr. Kennedy went off to go take care of some… unfinished business elsewhere.

This film is based on a real life experience that Alex had when she was in school, although it did not end with a spanking. Both girls look adorable in their matching uniforms, white socks and white panties, and their real life friendship is apparent in the way that they hold hands and comfort each other when facing their punishment. Though their punishment is entirely unfair, it is meted out expertly with the stern and strict discipline you would expect would be needed to keep school girls in line on an adventure in the outside world.

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