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HD Films - Parklife 2/2

Created 15 Jul 2017

Ginger and Linny are out of school enjoying the sunshine in the local park. Their activity of choice is lounging on their picnic blanket flashing their white cotton school knickers at passers by. They are having a lovely time when they are interrupted by a park warden! Surprised that parks even have authority figures, they are none too pleased when he threatens to take them back to school. Curiously, they seem unwilling, or unable to explain what school they attend.

The park warden decides to take matters into his own hands, and orders each girl to lean against the lamp post in order to have her school skirt lifted and her bottom smacked. Offering surprisingly little protest, Ginger assumes the position first, exposing her gorgeously round bottom. Even more surprisingly, the warden discovers that her bottom is already pink, even though corporal punishment has not been used at local schools in ages. Neither giggling girl can provide an explanation for this, and only increasingly hard punishment can make them take things even the least bit seriously.

Ginger stands off to the side and rubs her bright red bottom as Linny takes her turn, whimpering slightly as her milky skin is turned equally radiant. Still, neither girl can give the warden a straight answer on any subject whatsoever, and although Linny seems contrite while being spanked, most topics of conversation bring another round of laughter from the girls. Thus, it is time for the belt.

The warden takes his belt off and applies it firmly to each of their bottoms, finally making them quiet down, although its unclear whether any lesson was learned! The girls are told off and kicked out of the park, and left wondering why a park that size even has a warden in the first place!

With apologies for poor sound quality, following relocation to US, funds will not yet stretch to a quality new microphone.

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