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Photos - The Sun's Over The Yard Arm

Added 8 Dec 2007
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Isabella is entertaining her niece Laura when Michael returns from work. He finds his young niece being plied with alcohol! More importantly, his alcohol - his best red he's been saving for over a year! And to cap it all, young Laura is giving him cheek!! There's nothing for it, she'll have to be spanked and so will his wayward wife! Isabella's pleas for leniency fall on deaf ears as Michael soundly smacks his niece's white pantied bottom, and then of course its her turn!

When Michael pulls his wife's knickers down, a particularly colourful protest from Laura brings his handy strap into play rather earlier than expected! Laura's cotton panties are no protection from an angry, strap-wielding uncle! Auntie Isabella doesn't escape however, as a fair few twacks of his hard strap are delivered rapidly upon her ample bottom. Suitably chastised, both girls are sent indoors to do something more useful like cooking tea and Michael sits down to enjoy mouthful of wine himself. Except the girls have drunk it all. Oops.

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