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Photos - Introducing Kate James

Added 12 Aug 2007
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A warm welcome to the new baby of the team, Kate James! A mere 18 years old, Kate has flown across the Atlantic to share her fabulous curvy bottom with us, you, and the world. Hurrah!

Katy Rose is a pizza delivery girl. She delivers Paul his pepperoni pizza as ordered - there is just one teensy problem... Katy Rose got a bit hungry on the way over and might have accidently eaten it... Having been paid she waves a cheery farewell to her customer but he catches her before she can get back to her bike. He is hungry and has an appetite for punishment. Paul pulls down those tight jeans from her curvy bottom to reveal her bright pink cotton panties. Well now it is practically a challenge. Paul wants to make sure her cheeks match the colour of those panties before he lets her go! Then its Time for those bright pink panties to come down so Paul can better acccess her bare cheeks with that wooden spoon. My, that looks sore! He's not done with the greedy little delivery girl just yet though. There is still the matter of his dinner. He's still hungry and intent on putting Katy Rose through the maximum humiliation possible he instructs her to cook him something - which her knickers and jeans around her knees and her glowing red bottom bared.

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