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Photos - Introducing Ashley Belle 1/3

Added 15 Nov 2017
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Meet our newest spankee: Ashley Belle. Ashley is an adorable girl with a true passion for spanking (and ageplay). She has a peppy and mischievous personality and a perfect bottom just made to be spanked. Her blonde hair and cute face may make her look nearly angelic, but believe us, she definitely deserves every spanking she gets! Alex met Ashely at a spanking party and was so excited that she was interested in giving spanking videos a try. The films we shot with her are excellent, as you shall see shortly. Ashley was such a natural on camera, and we are happy to report that she loved making them as much as we loved working with her. We will definitely be shooting more with this adorable little brat as soon as we can!

Now, without further ado, lets take a peek at some pictures to get to know this naughty little girl. Ashley is just too sweet for words, cuddling her teddy bear with her hair in pigtails. But Paul is not going to be swayed by her innocent appearance. Her behavior on the family vacation has been out of hand, and her attempts to sneak alcohol into their hotel room were way over the line. Unfortunately for Ashley, Paul brought a stinging, antique hairbrush along when he packed, and now Ashley is going to feel it both over her white cotton knickers and on her bare bottom.

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