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Photos - Ladies Who Spank 2/3

Added 14 Jul 2017
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There used to be a tradition whereby Guest Houses at English seaside resorts came universally equipped with fiery, intolerant landladies, who viciously enforced their rules about mealtimes, tidiness and behavior. Thankfully those days are long gone...

Except of course for Slappingham Towers in the town of Hove (actually!) which remains in the very capable hands of Ms Jadie and Ms Alex - yes, TWO of them! We do not know exactly which of their many rules poor Amy transgressed, perhaps she failed to remove her shoes? Maybe she was still in her room at 10.02am or, God forbid, she left a slice of Ms Jadies world-renowned soggy bacon uneaten. Whatever the cause, she is now suffering at the (capable, remember?) hands of BOTH of them. And their hairbrushes.

Who said the charm of the English seaside has been lost forever?

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