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Photos - Introducing Christy Cutie 1/4

Added 27 Oct 2015
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Christy Cutie does not need much introduction, really, does she? This popular American spanking model is easily recognized with her adorable round bottom, cute curly pigtails and cheeky personality. Christy is one of our closest friends, and we are glad to have her on the site

Today, Christy and Alex have been naughty girls, and were sent to get ready for an early bedtime and soundly spanked. We join them after their punishment when, instead of going directly to bed, the two girls inspect one another's spanked bottoms. Alex feels that Christy has not been spanked nearly hard enough, and Christy feels the same way about Alex, so they begin to take matters into the own hands. They cannot help but explore a few other feelings that strangely seem to come along with having their adorable bottoms smacked, either. There really is no containing these two!

Look forward to seeing more from Christy on the site soon! She really does live up to her name.

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