New Models: Cherry Blossom

One of the things that I spend a lot of time doing is finding new talent for us to work with. I put a lot of work into this, and I think it shows: in the past five years that I've been working on the site we've had a new-to-us model on the site every month and an average of five brand new performers who have never appeared in a spanking video elsewhere per year. We've been the first site to work with lots of fan favorite spanking models. Some examples in the past five years that I've been working on Northern include Harley Havik, Linny Lace, Dorothy Burnett, Ava Nicole, Apricot Pitts, Bambi Belle, and Lizzy McAllister, but there have been many more. 

This month alone we've worked with two new-to-us models and two additional brand new, never been spanked on camera models! 

It's an honor to us that so many new performers choose us as their first site to shoot with and we do whatever we can to make sure that they're comfortable and secure during their first (and every) shoot. It's important to us to help models ease into this and to see that it's a fun thing to do instead of finding it overwhelming. 

This week, we introduced you to a new model: Cherry Blossom. Cherry is one of the four new-to-us models that we shot this month, and we were absolutely taken by her. We liked her so much that we shot her twice this month and plan to have her back in the studio in November to film some custom videos
It's no denying that Cherry is insanely cute. With her ginger hair and her big brown eyes, she gives off an air of innocence that can only be genuine. She has a charming smile and is developing a bratty streak. And, very relevant to what we do, she has a beautiful little bottom. 

Another thing that makes Cherry a great model is that she's a kind and friendly person and a great communicator. These are huge priorities for us. Despite only being 20 years old, Cherry has her head screwed on straight and is highly professional.

We weren't the first site to shoot with this little cutie: you can also find her work on Spanked Sweeties and My Spanking Roommate. You can also visit her in person at Sanctuary Studios LAX if you happen to live in or be visiting Los Angeles. 

Cherry is available for custom videos through us, as well! Check out for information about that process and to see some past examples of our work. If you're already visiting Northern Spanking, you know that we are always striving to make the highest quality spanking films for you and that we work hard to have the highest production value in the industry. Directing your own fantasy can be less expensive than you might imagine! 

We're so lucky to have so many sweet and wonderful girls living in our area and we love being able to be your one stop to see all the cutest new spanking performers. We know you'll love Cherry: look for a video from her coming very soon!

Bratty Bambi Horsewhipped - Recent Film

I didn't have a chance to blog about this scene when it was new since it was released right in the middle of the chaos of launching the new version of this site (which should now be working smoothly for everyone, by the way!) 

But I love this scene and wanted to take a second to talk about it. 

This scene features one of my favorite performers to work with: Bambi Belle. Bambi did her first shoot for a spanking site with us and has since then only filmed spanking videos for our company. I first became aware of Bambi when she posted to one of the spanking centric groups on Fetlife. (This was obviously a little while ago because I haven't had time to keep up with Fetlife beyond answering messages in a bit.) I looked at her profile and could tell right away that she was absolutely adorable and that, despite being quite young, she really had a strong sense of herself and what she wanted. 

I discovered that she modeled and was very keen to work with her. She was living in San Francisco at the time, but we started to talk and to follow each other on twitter and when she came down to Los Angeles for Dom Con LA later in the year, we jumped on a chance to get together and shoot. We did an entirely F/F shoot that day, including some scenes with Dorothy Burnett. Bambi and Dorothy had perfect chemistry together, and I think all the scenes from that day are really excellent. 

We hadn't had another chance to work with Bambi since then. She moved to the Pacific Northwest, which made it a bit more difficult for us to get together. But this summer, Paul and I took nearly two weeks off from work to go on a road trip together. We went up the California coast to the Redwoods, then we drove across Oregon, stopping to stay at an Airbnb house in Southern Washington. There, we were able to get together with Bambi and shoot again, and there we filmed this adorable scene. This was the only shooting we did on the entire trip, but it was definitely worth it to be able to get to work with Bambi again. 

We shot ten scenes that day, which you will be seeing over time (including one for our sister site, Spanked and Diapered). This was the first M/F spanking video that Bambi ever did, as far as I know. We always work within the comfort levels of our performers, and the first time we shot with Bambi, she preferred to only be spanked by me (which I was happy to do!). But now that she has known Paul for a little while, she felt comfortable to go over his knee. 

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Latest Film: Apricot's Punishment

Our new film this week stars one of our favorite people: Apricot Pitts. We were the first site that Apricot shot for, and we're lucky enough to get to shoot with her on a fairly regular basis. 

This particular film was a custom video. It's a sort of sequel to a different video that we made for the same gentleman a little while ago called Harley's Punishment

Like that film, this includes hard caning and paddling in positions that are less commonly seen in spanking videos. This one is a little different for a couple of reasons. First, while Harley's Punishment went straight to the discipline, Apricot's Punishment has a bit more background information. This scene is set in a corporate setting, and I loved the formality that came along with that. Apricot looked stunning in her business clothes, and we were thrilled that the gentleman who requested the custom decided on a pair of stockings for Apricot.

While in Harley's Punishment, there's an over the knee spanking before the caning starts, Apricot took her strokes cold. You can see the effect of the cold cane strokes in both the vibrant and immediately forming red lines and Apricot's strong reactions. 

Apricot cried a lot during this video. She was clearly really in the headspace of the scene and was obviously feeling very vulnerable. By the end of the first portion of the video, Apricot's face was streaked with running makeup. But she wasn't done being punished yet. 

The second half of the video includes Apricot getting some hard swats with a heavy wooden paddle, which is something we don't do all that often compared to other implements. I felt a bit inspired after we did this scene and brought the same paddle out when we filmed with Lux Lives a couple days later, so stay tuned for more paddling in the future. 

It also includes something that has never shown up on Northern Spanking before: mouthsoaping. 

Mouthsoaping is something that I really find headspacey, personally, but it's not often the most practical thing to film. A mouthsoaping scene will inevitably ruin makeup, so it's something that needs to be done at the end of the day. But at the end of the day, performers (and those behind the camera, too!) tend to be tired and worn out. There's nothing more important to us than the well being of everyone who works with us, so there have been a few times where we've written a mouthsoaping scenario and then decided against shooting it because we just felt like it would be pushing someone too far. As a model, I've been on plenty of shoots where there kept being "one more thing" added on at the end of the day as I became increasingly exhausted, and I never wanted to be put someone else through that. 

That said, when we arranged to do this video, I was pretty excited to get to see Apricot get her mouthsoaped. I find it to be a particularly childish and embarrassing punishment, and it's something that's very difficult to enjoy. So, it's pure punishment. 

There will certainly be more mouthsoaping coming in the future (we have a few scenes that feature it filmed and saved for later). In this particular scene, it really worked. Apricot struggles to hold the soap in her mouth, trying to count around it while she gets hard swats on her already sore bottom. By the time her punishment is over, her face is a mess of real tears and soap. 

Apricot was such a trooper about doing such a hard scene! Afterwards, we hung out for a while and had some snacks and took some time to just chill out, which was really nice. It's best when the people that you work with are also your friends! It allows for there to be trust to do things like this very intense scene.

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Signup Issues

The signup process is now working more or less as it should.  The process is as follows:-

1. Complete the registration, click “REGISTER” and use the page that pops up to make your payment to CCBill, our credit card processor.

2. The CCBill confirmation that appears has a link to click, which will take you to this page:

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All currently active members should now be able to log in.  Please let us know if you are still having problems.

Latest Film: Off Key

When Paul and I realized that the new design for Northern Spanking was almost completed, we talked about what would be the first film that we released once it went live. Although every site is different, we tend to shoot quite a bit in advance of what we release, so we often have films that are waiting for the right moment to be released, and this seemed like the perfect moment for something special. 

Off Key was filmed a couple of years ago and saved for a time just like this. It features an absolutely incredible cast: Nuna Starks, Adriana Evans, Harley Havik, Maddy Marks, Cupcake SinClair, and Ava Nicole are all spankees in this video, with both Kelley May and Stephen Lewis dishing out the punishment.

The film is described like this: 

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New Site: Details & Notes On Features

Firstly, a huge thank you to Blake and Denny of Kinky Sites for helping us finally realise our vision for what Northern Spanking should be; bright, inclusive, user-friendly and a worthy platform to present the unique brand of spanking films and imagery we have been producing for nearly 20 years.  Its taken a lot of effort and many failed attempts to get where we are now and we really hope you like the new site as much as we do!

Even though we have thoroughly tested our new site, given its bespoke nature and functionality there are almost certain to be one or two glitches lurking waiting to be discovered.  If you spot something that doesn't seem to work as it should, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

The latest page of Updates is a little mis-ordered due to our adding in Scenes that were missing.  This will sort itself out at new Updates get added.

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Welcome to the all new Northern Spanking!

Welcome to the new and improved version of Northern Spanking! We've been working on this for a long time now: making a change so massive has taken a lot of time and energy, and of course, we had more than our fair share of hiccups along the way. 

The purple and black layout that you're used to seeing on Northern has been replaced with something much more up-to-date and easy to use: you can see preview photos from each scene on the homepage without clicking on anything, you can stream videos both on a computer and a mobile device, and you can search with keywords to find scenes that fit your exact preferences. Plus, with our new "favorites" option, you can save scenes that you'd like to watch later or which you like watching over and over again for easy access. A lot of these features aren't seen on any other spanking sites, and we're very proud to be featuring them.

Paul will tell you more about these features, but I have to say, I'm very happy to have a site that showcases the beautiful work that we've been doing. I started looking at Northern Spanking videos quite a few years ago, long before I met Paul and became part of the company, in fact, long before I ever modeled in a spanking video. The kind of content that we film has grown and evolved: we've gotten new equipment and high-quality cameras, we've started to partner with a professional arthouse filmmaker on some of our shoots, and we've made diversity a top priority in our casting criteria. But while, I think, our films have only gotten better and better, the layout of the site and its functionality had, until now, stayed the same since I first laid eyes on the site more than ten years ago. 

It's my hope that the new layout and the new functionality will encourage more and more people to access our site and to chose to become members. We have tons of exciting ideas that we're tossing around, and we are excited to be growing as a production company. We're going to be continuing our long-standing tradition of striving to be as original and unique as we possibly can while still celebrating classic and beloved themes within our genre, and I'm glad that we have a new home for the fruits of our labors.


On this blog, we'll be letting you know more about our shoots, our models, and our experiences producing films for you. This replaces the old Northern Spanking forum, which had become too antiquated to continue to support. This blog will be visible to everyone, whether you decide to support our site or not, so it'll be a great place for you to come for longer updates from us than what fits in a tweet! 

We're so proud of our new site design and we hope you love it!

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