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The site is fab but a bit tricky to navigate.Also unresized photos?
  • lazens November 2011
    The problem is when scrolling down the yearly archive list and entering a shoot on return the scroll bar is automatically re set to the beginning meaning its labouriously necessary to re search to get back to the original place just looked at.This can take upwards of 5 minutes a time.
    Lastly the new forthcoming shoot stills are fantastic and seem to be in a photo format that is VERY High Def and large.This is great.They are much better than the stills in the Members Galleries so I guess a better camera and UNRESIZED format is being used?
    I would like all the stills to be like this.
    Its very rare on ther web as nearly all "jpg"photos are greatly reduced in size when posted on a website to fit.
    the "originals"can only be transmitted on a stoerage medium like a pen,card or disc.(NOT e mail as they are re sized down )
    IF I could buy originals liek this from you I would be most interested as the quality is bound to be much greater.

  • Paul Kennedy November 2011
    Yes, navigation is certainly the issue with such an old design and will be the main focus of the redesign. If you're wedded to IE then yes, the back button does return you to the top of the list. Many people have changed to Mozilla now and among other things, it holds the previous screen position when you go back to it. Using the Girls pages to navigate is a little bit friendlier.

    If you are using IE, the pictures appear in a new window. If you hover your mouse pointer over the picture, it will turn into a '+' sign, click and the picture is shown full size. Other browsers pop the picture up in a light box, which can't be resized but, if the picture is saved, when you re-open it you will see it is full size. Full size by the way is either 800x1200 or 900x1200 on all recently shoot material. Any bigger than that and it starts falling off most people's screens. There's no difference at all between Forum pictures and Members pictures!

  • Paul Kennedy November 2011
    Its a bit of a myth that bigger is always better with electronic images. This is how electronics firms sell us cameras with ever larger Mb ratings at ever higher prices. If I showed you a full size image at something like 2400x1800, straight off the camera, the only thing you would notice is that you can only see about one quarter of it on your monitor! Re-sized to fit the screen it looks exactly the same as the finished images we produce as, to re-render it, your computer uses the same compression algorithm as the picture editors used to permanantly resize images, you are just left with a huge file to find space for.

    The only exception to this is if you intended to print the images in which case yes, the bigger the better!
  • Leia+Ann+WoodsLeia Ann Woods November 2011
    Geek! I like it...
  • lazens November 2011
    Thanks Paul.A sensible reply indeed.Your last observation is succinct.Printing images is not practical in re sized format as you observe.
    You might be surprised that I personally would be willing to PAY as a consumer for access for strictly perrsonal use only of those Bigger is Better 2400 by 1800 negatives on USB,SD card or Disc.
    As you suggest I am sure they would produce a marvellously lavish 10" by 8" or even Poster Size Glossy Print in incredibly sharp detail!
    Far better than "blowing up a fuzzy re- sized image on a big screen".
    Of course choice of prints for this expensive treatment would be highly selective but well worth it I am sure.
    Just no body I know has thought of this gap int he market nor tried it?
  • Paul Kennedy November 2011
    We did sell images on disc many years ago but there was very little interest. This was in the days of 680x460 being full size though! I have original, unedited image sets dating back to January 2007 readily available, basically anything with a filename "NSI063-xxxxxxx.jpg" onwards, which I would happily put onto disc. Send me an email, and we will discuss further. 10 x 8's will be lovely but poster size is probably a bit optimistic, plus you could re-wallpaper your house from five sets!
  • Paul Kennedy November 2011
    As an aside, you might be interested to know that a competitor and friend did sell image sets, as in hard-copy non-digital photographs, until relatively recently. He got them developed in his local Boots! I kid you not!!
  • lazens November 2011
    Hi Paul Just to let you know I have sent you an e mail as you requested.I did send a whole set list at first but dont really want whole sets then twigged that you mean each individual photo has a file number so will send list of those shortly...All the Best.
  • MisterMcNab August 2014
    See it this helps anyone experiencing the same problem navigating the catalogue, it works for me: When on the download page, after you have started the download click galleries from the top menu, let it take you there then simply click the back button on internet explore twice and it will take you back to your original spot in the catalogue. I hope this works out for you.
  • tim September 2014
    Hello Paul I cant get on Northern with my codes ,I am a recurring member please will you help ,best ,Tim.