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Classic Films now available on PPV
  • Paul Kennedy April 2014

    We are delighted to announce the launch of Northern Spanking Classic

    our new Clips4Sale store featuring many of our earliest films, remastered and released as full films for the first time.

    We have remastered, where possible, many of our very oldest films. Some date back nearly ten years! Has it really been that long?! These films obviously don't match up to the quality we are now able to produce and the pricing reflects that of course. I well remember how pleased we were with our first crop of 320 resolution films and now, ten years later, we're into High Definition 1080 territory. How time marches on! Do take a look at our new store and relive with us our illustrious(?) past!

    In the days of limited bandwidth and dial-up connections, we mostly released films in many small parts.

    For the first time, on Northern Spanking Classic, these classic titles will be available as one complete film, one download.

    Much of what I've been working on I haven't looked at in years; comedies such as "Dusters & Discipline" where Michael Stamp has his head dusted and more serious films like "Candy Stripper", (whatever happened to Hannah Martin... and my hair!). The first batch available includes some of our very earliest films, like "The Staff Room" with Morgan Taylor and Sam Johnson, "Cheers" with Dublin O'Brien and "The Truant Officer" with Adele Haze & Gina Moon. There's some pictures here to bring back some memories or, if you're too young to remember them the first time, hopefully persuade you to take a delve into our history. Enjoy!






    We will be adding new titles every few days so keep an eye out for your old favourites!

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