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Los Angeles April 2014 - Part 1
  • Hi everyone! It’s me, Alex Reynolds, here to report on an exciting new Northern Spanking shoot! I’ve been getting more involved with the production side of things, which has been both challenging and very rewarding. A few weeks ago, Paul and I were very excited when our friends, James and Korey Johnson approached me and asked if they could do a film for Northern Spanking. James and Korey are real life scene players with a wonderful relationship: their marriage dynamic really optimizes a healthy, loving Domestic Discipline relationship. They’re also both big time exhibitionists, and they wanted to have the experience of making a spanking movie and sharing it with the world. We were more than happy to help them make this long-kept fantasy into a reality!

    James and Korey came to visit Paul and I in Los Angeles at the same time that Pandora Blake (one of our best friends!) was here, so we had lots of fun times hanging out as a group. After making sure that Korey and James were totally comfortable with being filmed and discussing the process with them, we picked a date to do their shoot! We all wanted to do a scene which portrayed their real relationship. I have watched them play off-camera many times, and I have always felt that their love and respect for one and other is so evident in their scenes. Besides, James is wonderfully stern and is an expert at giving a serious but affectionate lecture, and Korey’s submission is so sweet and genuine. It felt imperative to share this with everyone!


    Paul and I left the selection of the actual scenario up to the two of them, and they decided to do a recreation of a time when Korey had actually been punished privately. Korey had laser eye surgery, and following it had been prescribed a regime of eyedrops that she was supposed to use on a regular schedule. James was very unhappy to discover that a few days after the surgery, her eyedrops hadn’t even been opened. He had spoken to her several times about how important it is to take the best care of herself and to follow the instructions properly on medications and treatments: it had been an issue before and she had been warned that if it happened again, she’d be punished! I personally loved this scenario because it showcased the most important part of James and Korey’s version of Domestic Discipline. James disciplines Korey out of his love for her and his desire for her to be safe and happy, punishing her for things that are actually important and doing so in an edifying way that reaffirms their relationship.

    We filmed at our house, so that we were able to create a relaxed and comfortable environment. Paul and Pandora operated the cameras and I assisted. Being an on-set assistant is usually a very important job, but in this case, it kind of just meant that I made sure everyone was comfortable and then hid on the sofa out of shot and enjoyed watching the scene. Even though neither Korey or James had done a spanking video before, they were very well prepared for it because they are experienced roleplayers and have done live roleplay performances in front of audiences at big spanking parties like Shadowlane and Florida Moonshine. Right from the start, the scene was really immersive and fun to watch. James was in his element, being stern and lecturing Korey about following the doctor’s instructions and taking care of herself and Korey was adorably vulnerable as she knew she was going to be punished. James stripped Korey completely for her spanking since this is how their real-life scenes pan out and put her over his lap. He then proceeded to spank her very thoroughly, having to stop to pin down her legs to prevent her kicking from getting out of control. Korey’s reactions were genuine, and I personally found it very exciting to watch her kick and squirm as she was soundly punished. Her bottom gets very red when she’s spanked, and the contrast between her milky back and legs and glowing bottom was highlighted by her nudity. When the spanking was over, James held her lovingly and told her that she was forgiven. It was hard for me not to say: “Awwww” aloud! It’s one of the sweetest scenes that I’ve seen in a long time, and I can’t wait until it’s edited and released.


    We also shot a photoset of Pandora spanking Korey. Korey was dressed in an apron and panties in the kitchen, and Pandora looked elegant and in-control. You’ll see this soon (probably sometime next month) so that you can be introduced to Korey. While this is her first time appearing on a spanking site, this isn’t her premier as a model, really. While Korey really enjoyed being on camera and had lots of fun on the shoot, she’s not looking to get involved in modeling. She just wanted to have this experience, and I’m personally very glad that she got to! She and James are going to be shooting for Dreams of Spanking as well, and it’s possible that they might decide to do one or two more scenes in the future, but it’s mostly been something that they’ve done for fun. There is something special about watching someone get spanked on camera for the first time, though, so please stay tuned for this film!

    Until next time,

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  • tim April 2014
    Hello Alex these look good ,bestspanks,Tim.
  • Paul Kennedy April 2014
    Korey's Introductory stills set will be live in the members area on 20th May.