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Latest PPV Releases to 6th March 2014
  • Paul Kennedy March 2014
    Starring Michelle Brown & Stephen Lewis
    Stephen indulges his wife and has been paying for expensive tennis lessons for her from Raoul, an ex tour professional. Michelle is not a natural tennis player, nor is she particularly talented. She mainly likes the pretty white outfits and drinks in the clubhouse with her wealthy girlfriends, and Raoul of course. Stephen is not at all interested in tennis but would have to admit that he too likes the short white outfits and is happy to indulge his sexy wife in her hobby. This particular day he happened to have a meeting cancelled and being nearby thought he would pop into the club for a drink and to surprise his wife - but it turns out to be Stephen who is surprised!

    Starring Lottie Kinsade, Leia Ann Woods & Marcus Black
    Lottie has been babysitting Leia-Ann and Marcus and is utterly useless. They come home to find her sprawled across their sofa, with MTV blaring and suspect she hasn't even checked on the baby! Some firm discipline is required from both Mr & Mrs Black, but when Lottie is unceremoniously thrown out, Leia-Ann has something else on her mind...

    Starring Caroline Grey, Kali Redmond & Stephen Lewis
    Kali has taken her American cousin to her riding school stables for a ride. However, loud and bawdy Caroline frightens the horses and generally causes havoc and the owner of the stables is unimpressed...

    Starring Amy Hunter & Kate James
    Kate is in big trouble when she borrows her big sister's make up without asking!

    Starring Aleesha Fox, Leia Ann Woods, Caroline Grey, Alice Appleby & Stephen Lewis
    Charlie and Leo have been bullying new girl Alice into doing rude things that she doesn't want to do for their entertainment. Ruled by hormones like most "boys", they are easy to manipulate. Head Girl Aleesha takes it upon herself to punish Alice for her stupidity and also to teach her how easy it is to control the boys. All is going well for the girls, until the Headmaster catches them all in the common room up to no good... This 4-girl thriller is over an hour long.

    Starring Sarah Gregory, Amy Hunter, Leia Ann Woods & Andi Switch
    Poor Sarah Gregory finds herself at the mercy of three English ladies... Leia Ann Woods, Andi Switch and Amy Hunter no less. Send flowers.

    Starring Emma-Jay Joyce & Paul Kennedy
    Emma-Jay is fraudulently claiming on her insurance to help pay her bills. However, the insurance assessor comes round far quicker than she imagined he would and she is caught red-handed and has a difficult choice to make...
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