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Friends & Shooting, Feb/Mar 2014 Los Angeles
  • Paul Kennedy March 2014
    Recently we were extremely pleased to have our friends John Osborne ( AKA "The Chief" of and his partner Sarah Gregory ( stay with us following a fantastic spanking event in Las Vegas which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Read The Chief's extensive account of his first visit to the West Coast here:

    As well as seeing the sights of Los Angeles, John and Sarah had a pretty hectic shooting schedule, including a full day's shoot with Casey Calvert as well as Alex and myself. One of the films we shot with Sarah and Casey was for Northern Spanking and will appear on the site before too long. This, and the films with Alex, are previewed below.


    and a few out-takes


    and a gratuitous pussy shot!

    IMG_0641.JPG 100K
    IMG_0671.JPG 97K
    IMG_0669.JPG 104K
    IMG_0659.JPG 89K
    NSI122-AS005.jpg 88K
    NSI122-JS017.jpg 92K
    IMG_0696.JPG 100K
  • tim April 2014
    All friends of mine too im pleased to say,best,Tim.