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Kitchen Sink Spanking - Films Now Available
  • Paul Kennedy January 2014

    A few weeks ago, Alex Reynolds and I launched our new spanking/kink project: Kitchen Sink Spanking. Details here: We are currently adding one new home-made film per week and there follows a rundown of titles currently available at

    Alex loves all animals, particularly cats and small dogs. She also loves baby bear cubs but our neighbours don't have one of those. They do however have a Corgi. Instead of asking if she could take it for a walk or play with it, Alex decided she would tempt it into our house with a hot dog! My dinner, no less! After having returned the and apologised, Alex was in for some severe punishment as I smacked and paddled her bottom.

    Instead of getting ready for an evening out, as she was instructed to do, Alex wasted an hour playing a game on her phone. Worse, she actually spent money buying extra lives, something she was expressly forbidden from doing! So as well as a smacked bottom for making us late, Alex received a leathering courtesy of my belt.

    Alex is in the middle of a receiving a serious spanking for her general bad behaviour but is so cheeky and argumentative while being punished that she ends up with far more than a smacked bottom. First a wooden spatula is applied to her bottom and thighs, then a good dose of the belt and still she's argumentative and petulant! What finally gets through to her is a very hard new leather paddle used for the first time, with vigour. A final dose of my belt sees a sore and stripy-bottomed Alex heads off for her bath... which she seems to enjoy very much, along with the afterglow of her punishment which inevitably leaves her very horny and touching herself through her wet knickers in the bath.

    Like the basically good girl that she is, Alex reminds me that she is due to receive a punishment; smacked legs no less. Was I in any way lenient upon her? Judge for yourself by the colour of her very sore thighs after I had finished.

    Alex is subject to a weekly review of her behaviour. She is rewarded when she does well, punished when not. Its safe to say this has not been a good week. So not good in fact that, as an additional element to her punishment, Alex is made to wear her PE Kit, especially imported from England, including the traditional navy blue PE knickers. Not that she will be keeping those on for very long. In tears by the time her spanking is over, Alex still has a caning to come. Three times during her punishment, Alex unwisely raises the issue of fairness...and pays a painful price for it each time. The cane visits her tender thighs as well as her bottom. Being punished, even pretty severely beaten as has just happened, often leaves a young girl in a state of very great arousal. This often the case with Alex and n this little film we share a few very intimate post-punishment moments with a very horny young lady. This is the first time Alex has ever masturbated on film!

    Clearing up our bedroom, which mostly involves putting away her extensive collection of pretty panties, is taking Alex rather longer than I had expected and I had no choice but to smack her bottom and give a try out to a pretty little wooden paddle.

    This is what Alex gets up to when she's left to her own devices. She takes her chalks and makes her own entertainment in the back yard. Luckily for us such activities are always carried out in a very short skirt that readily expose her pretty cotton panties to the not-so-casual observer.

    Any vehicle that Alex spends time in rapidly becomes a dumping ground for sweet wrappers, empty juice bottles and cans. Here you can share with me the experience of watching her clean out the car... in a very short dress... as instructed! No spanking in this one, its purely for upskirt/panty lovers like me!

    Alex came home late after spending the day baking with her friends. The thing is, she came home empty handed, no cookies for me, not a single one! How selfish. And the next morning, when she tells me the cookies she made were oatmeal raisin, my favourite, she's in serious trouble and gets bent over the kitchen table for a good smacked bottom. This one is for real, she actually did this to me!

    The phrase every spanker loves to use and every spankee hates (loves!) to hear. In this case Alex's exuberant behavior at dinner will result in an expensive dry cleaning bill and its not even for her dress! What follows is a sound OTK spanking across Alex's sexy yellow silk panties, which of course come down. Its one very sore and sorry young lady that gets sent to bed.

    While poking around in the spare room, which she had been asked to tidy, Alex finds my “Bag of Awful”, the collection of implements I purchased specifically to punish her with. Amongst them is a vicious little plastic kitchen implement which it turns out, is perfect for punishing Alex's tender thighs, front and back, after she's had her bottom smacked, of course! The fact that she's wearing stockings is an added bonus.

    Alex discovers that there is going to be a new disciplinary regime in our household. Either she does as she's asked or her bottom is going to suffer for it. Implements have been purchased for the task, including a shiny new wooden hairbrush, which makes its first visit to her naughty bottom without delay.

    Alex and I are really enjoying making these films and exploring other kinks and fetishes which we share. Please do let us know what you think and we would love to receive suggestions as to what you would like to see us do.
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  • tim February 2014
    Alex is a nice little spankee girl ,best,Tim.